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14'x7' Flatbed Trailer


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Product Details

14'x7' - 3500kg Flatbed Trailer Plans - 4500mm x 2100m - 31 Pages

  • Tray Size: 4500mm x 2100mm (14'x7')
  • Tray Height: 690mm from ground level
  • Overall size (inc coupling): approx. 6450mm x 2100mm
  • GTM (Total mass of trailer + full load): 3500kg
  • Tare weight (Trailer only mass): approx. 560kg
  • Material: 450MPa Steel
  • Suspension: Tandem leafspring with brakes.
  • Extras: Free drawings for a built in toolbox.
  • Total pages: 31 professional grade printable drawings. (dimensions in mm)
  • DXF files: 11 DXF files

A slightly smaller alternative to our larger 3500kg flatbed trailer for those that still need to transport a serious amount of gear but just don't have the room for a an oversized flatbed trailer.

The trailer design is suitable for up to 3500kg ATM with a generous deck size of 4500mm x 2100mm giving you plenty of room for a generator, welder a few large tool box's and still have room to use it as a workbench.

The trailer plans include a full set of drawings for the draw bar mounted toolbox or can easily be swapped out for a store bought option. 

A full bill of materials (BOM) showing material type, quantity, mass and all other handy details are included on each drawing as you would expect from industry standard engineering drawings.

All our trailer plans comply to AS 1100.101 (technical drawing) and more importantly, they comply to all relevant licensing regulations in Australia and New Zealand.

Expected build times and costs vary depending on your experience level and local material price, but as a ballpark...

Fabrication skill level - Basic
Build time - a couple of weekends
Steel cost - approximately $500 AUD
Equivalent cost pre-made - $10,000 to $15,000

An approximate indication of required components shown below, Prices and specs will vary based on supplier.3500kg tandem trailer plans pricing chart

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