Steve's Air Bag Trailer Build

Steve from Fremont, California has spent a good chunk of 2020 building one of our Air Bag Trailers. He has filmed his progress for his YouTube channel, MCY Industries, which gives a great insight into building a trailer from our set of plans.

Steve starts off by picking up all of his steel supplies and bringing them back to his shop where he starts to cut out the steel plates using the supplied DXF files on his CNC Plasma.

After spending some time deburring and grinding the edges clean he is ready to start welding the plate together to commence the build of his trailer.

Steve continues in Part 2 where he turns down bearing holders and shafts for the pivot arm assembly.

Part 3 begins the assembly of the four pivot arms which involves a lot of welding, grinding and test fitting to ensure an accurate and strong part.

Part 4 has Steve building out a custom dimpled deck for his Air Bag Trailer, which differs from the 3mm checker plate specified in the plans.

Part 5 and Steve has cut all of his Rectangular Hollow Steel and has laid it all out on the floor ready to start welding it up.

Part 6 and Steve gets the suspension and wheels mounted ensuring proper alignment. He also makes some custom mud guards out of some 60 gallon drums!

Part 7 sees a few different bits and pieces mounted including the custom dimple dyed deck and the tie down points.

Part 8 and Steve gets the air lines, bags and compressor all set up and mounted in a sealed box.


Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

If you're interested in building your own Air Bag Car Trailer, then head over and pick up a set of plans. You'll get 50 metric professional grade printable drawings and 24 DXF files for lasing cutting the steel and aluminium plate. You'll also get access to our private Facebook group where you'll find others who are building or have completed their trailer project.