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  • front iso of single cab tray
  • chassis general arrangement of single cab tray
  • overall length of steel single cab tray plans
  • iso rear right view of single cab tray plans
  • Fabplans tray plans side view of general arrangement
  • overall width of fabplans single cab tray plans
  • underside chassis view fabplans DIY steel cab tray plans
  • part drawings sample for fabplans trailer plans and tray plans
  • front right iso fabplans single cab tray
  • underside front single cab tray plans
  • fabplans tailgate tray plans
  • cad render single cab tray with no sides fabplans
  • front view of single cab tray cad render

Single Cab Steel Ute Tray Plans


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Product Details

Single Cab steel Tray Plans - 2500x1800 - 29 Pages

  • Tray Size: 2500mm x 1800mm
  • Tray Depth: 300mm
  • Tare weight (Tray only mass): 350kg with steel bed - 240kg with wood bed
  • Material: 450MPa Steel
  • Total pages: 29 professional grade printable drawings. (dimensions in mm)
  • DXF files: 8 DXF files

If you are looking to save money or just need something stronger than a mass produced/imported Ute tray, Our Steel tray plans provide every detail and dimension you need to be able to build your own high strength, long lasting tray to compliment your vehicle.

These plans will suit any single cab Ute, they feature a sliding chassis mounting system that allows you to adjust the mounting position to suit your vehicle before fixing in place and can be refitted to any other vehicle so you can keep the tray when you upgrade!

The plans feature quick release removable sides allowing either flat bed or enclosed tray configuration.

Side steps on both sides allow easy climbing access to the tray or an additional tie down point.

Throughout the 29 pages we detail the general arrangement views that show where each part goes, its weight, length and material type, key dimensions and weld symbols and a number of section and detail views showing close up details of smaller parts or features.

Each individual part is then further detailed in its own part drawing where any holes are dimensioned, including size and location as well as any back-cuts, notches or end treatments.

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