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fabplans airbag car trailer plans
fabplans airbag car trailer chassis drawing
fabplans airbag trailer drawbar plans
Fabplans car trailer airbag blueprint view
fabplans car trailer side view lowered plans
Fabplans air bagged car trailer plans chassis layout
airbag car trailer ground level rear left
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fabplans trailer plans rear view airbag trailer
airbag trailer suspension arm plans
airbag trailer loaded trailer plans
fabplans airbag trailer plans rasied left view
fabplans airbag trailer left front render showing raised

Air Bag Car Trailer Plans

  • 50 professional grade printable drawings
  • 24 DXF files for laser cutting
  • Free drawings for front mounted storage box
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Air Bag Car Trailer - 5.3m x 1.9m Tray - 50 Pages

  • Tray Size: 5330mm x 1910mm (17.5'x6.3')
  • Tray Height: 28mm lowered - max 450mm raised
  • Overall size (inc coupling): approx. 7300mm x 2475mm
  • Tare weight: approx. 650kg
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Suspension: Firestone double convoluted airbags + AL-KO shocks. providing 2500kg GTM
  • Extras: Free drawings for front mounted storage box
  • Total pages: 50 professional grade printable drawings. (dimensions in mm)
  • DXF files: 24 DXF files for laser cutting

For those of you needing a serious high end solution to transport a luxury sports car or classic hotrod with low ground clearance, our airbag car trailer plans will not only get the job done without the hassle of ramps and vehicle damage but will also complement your pride and joy out on the road!

The airbag trailer allows you to easily load vehicles with as little as 28mm ground clearance and up to 1815mm body width, secure it safely to the side chassis tie-downs located along the length of the trailer chassis and if needed use the low profile winch to assist in loading if your vehicle is out of action.

A fully itemised bill of materials (BoM) and a detailed cutting list are included for ordering the steel and trailer parts (suspension, lights, brakes). You will also receive .dxf files, giving you the option to CNC laser cut any of the brackets/mounts plus accessories.

Once you've completed your trailer, you can feel safe knowing these plans comply with all road and safety standards in Australia and New Zealand. This means licensing and registering your trailer will be quick and easy. (For more details, see the FAQ below)

Airbag Suspension components provided by  (these parts are referenced in the trailer plans with part numbers for easy ordering)

Expected build times and costs vary depending on your experience level and local material price, but as a ballpark...

Material cost: All plate parts including laser cutting: $1750
Structural steel cost: $350-$450
Total Build cost: $6000 - $8000

Equivalent cost pre-made - $18,000 to $22,000