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10x7 Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Plans


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Product Details

10'x7' Hydraulic tipping trailer plans - 2500kg Capacity - 43 Pages

  • Tray Size: 10'x7' (approx. 3000mm x 2100mm)
  • Tray Height: approx. 750mm from ground level
  • Overall size (inc coupling): 4000mm x 2200mm
  • GTM (Total mass of trailer + full load): 2500kg
  • Tare weight (Trailer only mass): approx 600kg
  • Suspension: Tandem leaf spring with brakes
  • Tipping angle: up to 45deg
  • Extras: Free toolbox drawings, Hydraulic ram/line drawings, Quick release side panels to convert to flat bed
  • Total pages: 43 PDF drawings (dimensions in mm)
  • DXF files: 20 DXF files
These easy to follow trailer plans feature 43 pages of high quality, fully dimensioned fabrication drawings including an itemized Bill of Materials (BoM) and a detailed cut list to be used for ordering the steel members and correct parts.
This Hydraulic tipping trailer utilizes a 4 stage Hydraulic ram kit which is fully detailed in our drawings to ensure the ram you choose is compatible with the chassis design.
A tipping angle of 45deg is achievable with a 620mm stroke with greater angles an option if your hydraulic ram kit allows a longer stroke.
5 pages of fabrication plans for the draw bar toolbox along with .DXF files for each part are included, you also have the option of mounting a store bought tool box if you prefer.
If you're not too familiar with fabrication plans or blueprints, we've created a number of tips and guides on how to understand the trailer plans including descriptions and info on symbols or abbreviations used and how to follow them accurately and confidently.
This means that navigating the trailer plans should be a breeze regardless of you experience or skill level.
With our Hydraulic tipping trailer plans, each sheet and plate part is also conveniently included as a DXF file, giving you the option of laser/profile cutting or water-jet cutting your parts.
We recommend printing these trailer plans to A4 or A3 paper for best ease of use.
Great care has been taken to engineer these plans to comply with all road and safety standards.and to ensure you get a quality build that will outlast any imported trailer of the same type.


Expected build times and costs vary depending on your experience level and local material price, but as a ballpark...

Fabrication skill level - Intermediate
Build time - a couple of weekends
Steel cost - approximately $700 AUD
Equivalent cost pre-made - $10,000 to $15,000


An approximate indication of required components shown below, Prices and specs will vary based on supplier.

2500kg tandem trailer pricing chart

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