Company is about more than just offering you top quality fabrication plans.
We are about helping you get the job done. All of our trailer plans and other fabrication drawings are professionally engineered and intuitively presented in PDF format.
Each high quality PDF is packed with helpful tips and guides - plus an itemized Bill of Materials (BoM) and a detailed cut list.

This means that our plans give you everything you need for a successful build. The truth is that we have been both engineers and fabricators - the designers and the builders. Our unique experience has shown us what needs to be included in a successful fabrication plan. It's not just about having a series of busy looking dimensions that appear good on paper. It's about intuitively displaying each dimension in a practical way that doesn't sacrifice detail.  

We've found that other online fabrication plans just don't live up to these practical expectations. They tend to be poorly designed, hard to understand, and/or difficult to access.

What good is your fabrication drawing if you spend 10 times longer than you need to just trying to find the right dimension?

Our team knows how to design engineering drawings and we know how to build them. So when you purchase one of our top quality fabrication plans, we are giving you everything you need to navigate our plans and execute a successful build. In essence, we are trying to raise the bar in the world of digital fabrication drawings. is proud to support every type of builder under the sun - from the ones who've just got their first set of tools to the seasoned Boilermakers and welders. Our goal is to get you building top quality projects today.