Tilting box trailer front render
box trailer plans free pdf
free tilting box trailer plans drawbar view
drawbar plans for free box trailer
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Tilting Box Trailer Plans

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Tilting Box Trailer Plans - 6.56'x4.75' - 25 Pages

  • Tray Size: 6.56'x4.75' (2000mm x 1450mm)
  • Overall Size (inc coupling): approx. 3460mm x 2000mm
  • GTM (Total mass of trailer + full load): 1000kg
  • Chassis weight (Trailer only mass): approx. 237kg
  • Suspension: Single axle leaf springs
  • Total Pages: 25 PDF drawings (dimensions in mm)
  • DXF files: 10 DXF files

The most versatile box trailer is one you can manoeuvre into tight spots, tilt when needed and carry up to 750kg of cargo. These trailer plans make it easy to build the best box trailer you will ever own with part and assembly drawings showing every back cut, pressing, hole and dimension needed to save you time and money while building a trailer that will last.

The plans also include DXF files for all the plate and sheet parts so they can be laser cut if you prefer.