Derick's Air Bag Trailer Build

Derick from Tasmania has just completed the build on his first Air Bag Car Trailer. He's been kind enough to let us share some of the photos from the build over the past couple of months. 
Here we have the pivot arm assembly plate all cut up and starting to be assembled and welded up.
Pivot arm assembly plate Pivot arm assembly 
Next up Derick has built some stands to keep the chassis off the ground (and to keep him from constantly bending over) and laid out the cut list ready to start welding together. The pivot arm assemblies have started to be trial fit to ensure a good fit.
Chassis parts laid out Chassis with pivot arm assembly trial fit
Trial fitting the wheels mounted to the spindle to ensure enough clearance from the chassis rails. Then with the air bags mounted and it's starting to look like it's coming together.
Trial fit with wheels Pivot arm assembly with air bags fitted